Contract Management

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The contract management is one of the core functions of the construction industry. Since majority of the work in done by multiple contractors viz. specialized contractors, labour contractors etc. the module is fully compliant to the various permutations & combinations of work orders required by the industry to get generated.

The processes involved are:

Contractor registration & grading
Creation of Payment templates
Generation of work orders (with and without materials)
Monitoring work completion (via Internet)
Checking the quality and the workmanship of the contractors
Automatic generation of RA bills
Passing of RA Bills (Linked to material consumption & quality approvals)
Handling with material contracts, TDS, Service Tax, VAT, Retention, Advance, Debits, Credits & Securities

Business Benefits:

Scientific ways of achieving rates contractor rates
Better construction quality activity wise quality checks
Better labour management timely completion & monitoring workmanship
Contractor grading improves value for money
Better tax management
Better discipline in contract execution

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