Financial Accounts

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The fill fledged accounts module provides the accounts department the entire function related to their daily accounting needs. Since the module directly integrates with other core modules, the vouchers related to all type of expenses and receipts gets generated automatically, thus eliminating the need for the accountant to punch in the voucher details.

The processes involved in financial accounts are:

Define project, WBS
Standard double entry book-keeping
Integrated to all other modules
Automatic TDS, Service Tax Calculation,
Deduction & eTDS submission
Generation of required forms
Drill down features for browsing Balance Sheet, P&L, Ledgers
Built in budget monitoring system
Project wise Balance Sheet and P&L
Multi company balance sheet and P&L
Cash flow reports
Browsing across the financial years
Monthly locking of financial year
Built in Audit features & Audit trails
Compliance with schedule VI, IFRS and US GAAP

Business Benefits:

Integrated accounts eliminates possibility of errors; no duplication of data entry
Better transparency among all the departments
Better utilization of manpower
Better corporate Image - computerized statements
Accurate cash flow requirements
Better fund management
Improved liaison with bankers, auditors, financiers, business partners

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