Marketing & Sales Management

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The marketing and sales management is one of the primary requirements of any builders, promoters and real estate developers. Since the owners and the management are able to keep track of a customer right from the enquiry stage, the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) gives them a clear picture about their revenue pattern.

The processes involved in marketing are:

Enquiry recording and follow-up
Enquiry tracking & analysis on variety of criteria
Generation of thanking Letter/SMS for each enquiry
Advertisement booking & analysis of response; track success of every marketing campaign
Handling of tentative bookings
Multilevel brokers management

The processes involved in sales are:

Creation of Payment templates, Service tax abetment, Charge types etc.
Generation of booking forms along with payment schedule
Automatic generation of demand and reminder letters based on project stage completion or date or day
Interest calculations on outstanding
Generation of various reports about bookings, outstanding position, customer aging etc.
Payment follow ups (Automatic reminders)
Generation of numerous letters like Demand letters, Reminder Letter, Allotment Letter, Mortgage Permission, Bank NOC etc.

Business Benefits

Better enquiry management; capture customerís taste & their trend requirements
Improved customer relationship management; uptodate information about the customer wrt payments, follow-ups done, complaints
Timely & targeted follow-ups - Better conversion and timely recovery
Optimizing marketing campaigns
Better broker management
Improved cash flow management
Improved client records
Improved branding thru SMS & Customer Portal

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