Material Management

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With regards to the operations & execution of projects, the focus of any construction industry is on the material movement. Being a very large capital intensive industry, it is the requirement of every management to control and monitor the movement of materials at any given point of time.

The modules involved here are the Site Management and the Purchase Management, where there is complete transparency between these two entities.

The processes involved at the site are:

Generation of requisition / indent based on the project plan defined
Generation of Goods Receipt Notes (GRN's) from site (via internet); either against a Purchase Order, Work Order, Cash based purchases, and / or from other sites
Generation of issue slips from site (via internet); as per the requirements
Stores management - tracking all GRN's & issues
Stock reconciliation

The processes involved at the Centralised Purchasing Dept. are:

Verifying the requisition against estimation, project plan & accordingly process it
Supplier registration & grading
Handling material requisition / indents from site (via internet)
Cross comparison against estimates before approval
Floating enquiry & receiving quotations; Generate comparative statements
Generate purchase & transport orders along with all the taxation
Generation of import orders
Checking & passing of material & transport bills
Inventory control - using FIFO, LIFO, FEFO Recorder levels etc.
Receiving goods either against a Purchase Order, Work Order, Cash based purchases, and / or from other sites

Business Benefits:

Define strategic purchase controls
No manual intervention; avoid unnecessary delays in material procurement
Reduction in wastage and Inventory holding
Supplier grading improves value for money
Up to date & better pricing
Timely escalation of issues
Centralised document management & monitoring
Complete and real time Material Management; from Estimation to Indent to Purchase to Delivery to Issue with checks & controls

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