IT Outsourcing

Kanix Infotech can cover the complete IT lifecycle or any part there of. Our vast product expertise and delivery options shall ensure appropriate costing along speed of delivery.

Our offshore development model shall ensure effective management & higher flexibility & reliability, better quality and higher control to achieve seamless operations between outsourced & in-house parts of your processes. Above all a Tailored IT outsourcing Model will to build to suite the clients needs and achieve deliverables. At Kanix we believe in becoming an extended arm of your organization than becoming just a service provider.

Customer Software Development

Kanix has vast exposure for Industry verticals like Construction, Pharmaceutical, Banking, Mechanical Engineering, Supply Chain, Electronics, Hospital Management, Trading etc. Kanix is working various platforms like .Net, Java, Visual Basic with backend databases like MS SQL, Oracle, MY SQL and MS Access.

We also posses strong functional domain knowledge in Finance & Accounts, Engineering, Project Management, Contract Management, Materials Management, Human Resource Management, Facility Management, Lease Management etc.

Additionally our expertise in Product lifecycle management is unmatched. All above helps us in delivering robust Custom application at very aggressive cost with challenging timelines.

Kanix observes strict project management norms during the life of development to facilitate best quality Software Requirement Study, Development, Testing, Deployment and effective change management.

Product Lifecycle Partnering

Using the vast experience in Software Products Kanix offers following Product Lifecycle Partnering Services.

Product Lifecycle Partnering

- New Product Development for Clients in any Vertical with no-compete agreement.
- Application Migration & rehabilitation on variety of platforms
- Project Planning, Costing & Budgeting
- Product Implementation Services
- Product Support & Customization
- Product Testing across various platforms
- Business Process mapping for client prospects

Management Training

A Training Programme in Construction Management Along with Special Training in Highrise

Module Structure

Project Management

- Introduction to Concepts of Construction Industry
- Estimation & Project Planning
- Project Scheduling (Using Pert/CPM & other techniques)
- Project Execution & Monitoring
- Risk, Metrics Management & Quality Assurance
- Human Resource Management
- Issue Tracking & Closing

Contract Management

- Introduction of Contract Management
- Contractor Registration & Grading
- Floating of Contract Tenders
- Generation of Work Orders
- Monitoring Work Completion
- Generation of RA Bills & Interface with Financial Accounts
- Passing of RA Bills (Linking to Material Consumption & Quality Approvals)
- Handling with material Contracts, TDS, Retention, Advances, Debits

Material Management

- Introduction to Materials Management
- Vendor Development & Grading
- Cross Comparison against Estimates
- Generate Comparative Statements
- Generate of Goods Receipt Notes (GRN's)
- Checking & Passing of Materials & Transport Bills
- Effect to Accounts
- Generation of Issues Slips
- Stores Management & Stock Reconciliation
- Inventory Control Using FIFO, LIFO, FEFO, Recorder levels etc
- Handling of all Inter-site Material Transfers

Marketing & Sales Management

- Concept of Marketing in Construction Industry
- Executing Marketing campaign; Enquiry Follow-ups
- Enquiry Tracking and analysis of response
- Brokers Management
- Loan Processing
- Payments Follow-up & Recovery
- Maintaining Booking Position & Outstanding Position

Finance Management

- Introduction to concepts of Accounts
- Integration with other Departments
- Introduction to Taxation & Concepts
- Concepts of Balance Sheet, P&L, Ledgers
- Budgeting & Monitoring
- Multi-Company Balance Sheet and P & L
- Cash Flow Analysis

Who should do this course?

- Owners & Employers of Construction Houses from all departments
- Fresher Degree/Diploma in Civil Engg. /Management/Accounts aspiring for Good jobs
- Software professionals interested in Implementation ERP / EDP
- Individuals planning to switch form site work to Administration
- New Companies in Construction Business or Companies launching mega Projects

What do you achieve from this course?

- Clear understanding of operations in Construction Business
- Fill gap between Theoretical Education & Actual on-field working
- Imparts good practices in your working style
- Generate confidence in handling bigger projects, higher responsibilities & newer domains
- Acts as booster for carrier enhancement
- Brings you at par with the latest management concepts with comprehensive computer exposure
- Generate jobs for you and/or higher pay packets

Installation & Implementation

- Installation of Highrise & related Software Implementation Ticks & Tips.