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Highrise ERP

Interio is first Specialized SaaS based ERP for Interior Designers & Contractors; an Internet Ready software solution popularly known as ERP for Interior Business. In simple words an ERP is the integrated software solution encompassing all the functional departments of the enterprise. Interio consists of integrated functions of Accounts & Finance management, Budgeting, Project Estimation, Planning, Project Management, Purchase, Store & Inventory Control, Labour Contract Management, Human Resource Management, Quality Control, Tender Management & Client Billing. All the above functions share common data thus makes the organization homogenous. Different types of Contacts such as “Item Rate Contract” as well as “Fixed Value Contracts” can effectively be handled by Highrise. Highrise is useful for Residential, Industrial, Commercial type of Interior Projects.

Being Saas Based the user does not need to spend on buying Hardware or Software License or Maintenance. The Interior Designers & Contractors just need to pay very low monthly subscription and start using the software.

Project Management

The processes involved are:
  • Estimation & Costing
  • Define Project, Budget & WBS
  • Project Change Management - Estimate Versions
  • Project Scheduling (Using PERT / CPM)
  • Control of Quantity, Cost, Quality - Activity wise & Material wise
  • Drawing Management
  • Three Level Cost Control at Budget, Estimate & Actual
  • Re-estimate to Apply Latest Market Rates to Balance Project
  • Variety of Reports like Qty & Cost Variance, Cash Flow, Bar Chart etc.
Business Benefits:
  • Accurate estimates
  • Accurate project planning, execution & Monitoring
  • Timely project completions
  • Better quality of work
  • Better & timely management directions -
  • Analytical data available real time
  • Timely escalation of issues
  • Better change management

Material Management

With regards to the operations & execution of projects, the focus of any construction industry is on the material movement. Being a very large capital intensive industry, it is the requirement of every management to control and monitor the movement of materials at any given point of time.
The modules involved here are the Site Management and the Purchase Management, where there is complete transparency between these two entities.

The processes involved at the site are:
  • Suppliers registration and grading
  • Handling material requisition / indents from site
  • Cross comparison against estimates before approval
  • Floating enquiry and receiving quotations
  • Generate comparative statements
  • Generate purchase and transport orders along with all the taxations
  • Generation of import orders
  • Generation of Goods Receipt Notes (GRN’s) at site, Gate register, Material QC
  • Checking and passing of material and transport bills as per GST effects
  • Automatic posting to accounts
  • Generation of issue slips at site
  • Stock Reconciliation. Stock ageing analysis
  • Inventry control - Using FIFO, LIFO, FEFO, Recorder levels etc.
The processes involved at the Centralised Purchasing Dept. are:
  • Verifying the requisition against estimation, project plan & accordingly process it
  • Supplier registration & grading
  • Handling material requisition / indents from site (via internet)
  • Cross comparison against estimates before approval
  • Floating enquiry & receiving quotations; Generate comparative statements
  • Generate purchase & transport orders along with all the taxation
  • Generation of import orders
  • Checking & passing of material & transport bills
  • Inventory control - using FIFO, LIFO, FEFO Recorder levels etc.
  • Receiving goods either against a Purchase Order, Work Order, Cash based purchases, and / or from other sites
Business Benefits:
  • Define strategic purchase controls
  • No manual intervention; avoid unnecessary delays in material procurement
  • Reduction in wastage and Inventory holding
  • Supplier grading – improves value for money
  • Up to date & better pricing
  • Timely escalation of issues
  • Centralised document management & monitoring
  • Complete and real time Material Management; from Estimation to Indent to Purchase to Delivery to Issue with checks & controls

Contract Management

The contract management is one of the core functions of the construction industry. Since majority of the work in done by multiple contractors viz. specialized contractors, labour contractors etc. the module is fully compliant to the various permutations & combinations of work orders required by the industry to get generated.

The processes involved are:
  • Contractor registration and grading
  • Floating of contract tenders & receive bids
  • Generation of comparative statements
  • Generation of work orders
  • Monitoring work completion
  • Automatic generation of RA bills
  • Passing of RA Bills (Linked to material consumption & quality approvals)
  • Handling With Material Contract TDS, GST
  • Retention, Advances, Debits, Credits & Securities
  • Automatic Posting to Accounts
Business Benefits:
  • Contractor grading - improves value for money
  • Scientific ways of achieving rates - contractor rates
  • Better construction quality - activity wise quality checks
  • Better labour management
  • Accurate tax management
  • Better discipline in contract execution

Financial Accounts

The fill fledged accounts module provides the accounts department the entire function related to their daily accounting needs. Since the module directly integrates with other core modules, the vouchers related to all type of expenses and receipts gets generated automatically, thus eliminating the need for the accountant to punch in the voucher details.

The processes involved in financial accounts are:
  • Standard double entry book-keeping
  • Intergrated to all other module
  • Automatic TDS, GST compliance , Generating GSTR 3B,
  • GSTR1, GSTR 2 with portal integration
  • Drill down features for browsing Balance Sheet, P&L, Trail Balance, Ledgers
  • Facility of Auto reconciliation & cheque printing
  • Built in budget monitoring system
  • Project wise, Company wise & Multi Company Balance Sheet, P&L, Trial Balance
  • Cash Flow Reports
  • Browsing across the financial years
  • Built-in Audit features & Audit Trails
  • Financial Report as per revised schedule ||| & Compliance as per IFRS (Ind As)
Business Benefits:
  • Intergrated accounts eliminates possibility of errors
  • Reduction in manpower cost
  • Accurate statuory compliance, TDS, ST, VAT, GST
  • Effective cash flow management
  • Better fund management
  • Improved liasoning with bankers, auditors, financier

Tender Management

One of the key modules among contractors who participate in tender (both Government & Private) and also issue tender. The module captures all the required information of a tender enquiry. Facility to enter the client’s BOQ and accordingly map with the inbuilt tasks provides the engineering and tendering department a greater transparency during the execution of the work and better control wrt the estimations provided in the tender..

The processes involved are:
  • Capture tender inquires with BOQ import facility
  • Tender costing as per current market rates and overheads
  • Linked to Engineering, Site & Finance management
  • Generate comparative statement Project wise & Contractor wise at BOQ item level
  • Itemwise tracking  4 levels - BOQ v/s Estimate v/s Actual v/s Bill
  • Generate client bills along with applicable taxes
Business Benefits:
  • Visualize tender estimation v/s actual; real time data availability
  • Take timely corrective actions; avoid delays which impacts profitability
  • History data availability; better equipped for tender submission

MIS & Other Features

The processes involved are:
  • Built-in configurable dashboards
  • Variety of summary & review report
  • Multi-Level role based cofigurable workflow
  • Document management in all modules
  • Audit traits in all modules
  • SMS / Email / Popup Alerts, App notification in all modules
  • Knowledge banking for all departments

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