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Kanix is big way into training the personnel in Construction Industry. These trainings are for the products of Kanix as well as domain knowledge in various functions of construction Industry.

The entire training activity of kanix is carried out by Kanix Institute of Construction Engineering & Management or KICEM in short. Kanix has developed an online learning platform – where Kanix as well as other interested companies & individuals can host their training courses free of cost. This activity is funded as CSR activity of Kanix.

Who should do this course?

  • Owners and Employers of Construction Businesses.
  • New companies in the construction industry.
  • Students and job seekers who want to make a career in construction / ERP - Implementation.
  • IT professionals.

What do you achieve by this course?

  • A clear understanding of operations in Construction Business
  • Fill gaps between Theoretical Education & Actual on-site working
  • Gain confidence in handling bigger projects, higher responsibilities & newer domains
  • Acts as a booster for career enhancement
  • Brings you at par with the latest management concepts with comprehensive domain exposure
  • Create new job opportunities for yourself.
  • Become KICEM Certified Professional.


Advanced Course in Highrise ERP Software

Highrise is India's first specialized ERP for the construction industry. In simple words Highrise is the integrated software encompassing all the functional departments of the enterprise. Highrise consists of integrated functions of Project Estimation & Planning, Purchase & Inventory Control, Contracting Management, Sales & Marketing Management, Accounts & Finance Management, Human Resource Management, Quality Control and Lease Management. All the above functions share common data thus makes the organization homogenous.

This certificate course of Highrise-ERP will teach the usage of Highrise ERP software in a professional way and open job opportunities for positions in Accounts, Purchase, Contracts, CRM, Estimation Planning, Site Management, HR, Implementation and IT.

Introduction to Construction Project Management

Project managers are required to complete the projects
1. In Scheduled time 2. In Budgeted Cost 3. As per prescribed quality 4. Need to ensure proper internal communication S. and manage & mitigate all the risks impacting the above deliverables. Project Management is a complex task and require sophisticated techniques to manage various functions such as estimation, planning, Inventory, procurement, contractor management, Site management and others.

This project management course is designed to give the candidate a complete understanding about project management & techniques and tools used there-in. This course will help you groom your skills to become a successful & reliable project manager.

Accounting for Construction Industry

A basic understanding of accounting terms and accounting treatments of revenue and costs associated with construction/ real estate industries.

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